Friday, 16 December 2016

Silvesterlauf magic

Due to a last minute Christmas shopping trip to London this week, I am a little delayed in posting about my Big Run  - the Zuri Silvesterlauf - on Sunday. I am sure you have been waiting in suspense for the gory details ;) Well, I haven't actually got any! It was fantastic. In fact, it was quite magical, running in the dark around Zurich's streets, with the Christmas lights twinkling where-ever I looked. The run was lined with people and children shouting out our names (what a lovely idea to have your first name printed on the number pinned to your shirt) with their hands out waiting to high five runners. It gave me a real high. Ok, I took 1.06 to complete and was placed 612 - but I really didn't care! I did it! If you ever get the chance, do take part. (Don't forget you need to register in August)

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Scary Big Race Day has arrived

It's 8.30am.

I have just demolished a big brekkie of beans on toast topped with a fried egg in preparation for my Big Race Day (the Zurich Silvesterlauf my lovely hubbie entered me into after an ill-conceived tiddly bet back in August).

I gobbled up breakfast despite my nerves about my first ever grown-up ‘Race.’ I’m struggling to call it this as I hate the idea of entering a race I have absolutely no chance of winning. But equally, I cannot just call it a run as it is very different to the regular run I enjoy several times per week – a leisurely few km at a slower than snail’s pace around the local woods.

Talking of which, I awoke at 3.30am this morning with a humungous fear that the starting - pistol? - would go and I would be left behind in a cloud of dust by a giant group of runners going pretty slow (I am in the slowest group today) but still plenty faster than me. That was it – sleep was now evading my attempts and I was wide awake for the next 14 hours until my run started. Aaarggh. The day is stretching out before me like a sloth preparing for an 18 hour nap.

Friday, 2 December 2016

And lo and behold - a sparkly Christmas Tree!

Well, knock me down with a feather duster! Just a fortnight ago I was chatting to a fellow choir member in my local village Singengruppe about how lovely it would be to have a carol singing event in the village square at Advent. I said we could of course gather around the little tree which is resident in the centre of the square, under which benches nestle but it would be great if we could have a nice big Christmas tree to stand around, something which, since I have lived here, has never featured in the village.

And lo and behold, only a few days later, I spied a group of people putting lights on a beautiful new Christmas tree in the square! And last Sunday we were invited to go along and help make some decorations and decorate it. It was so enjoyable. And the Gemeinde had even provided a gorgeous, little ride for the children, powdered by a burning furnace, free of charge.

I am now starting to wonder if I can wiggle my nose and make more great things happen around me...