Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Surprisingly, the Swiss are beginning to embrace Halloween. I really didn't believe it would be their thing. However it is probably lead by the large number of immigrants from Halloween happy countries like us. I've put out the door-sign which plays a hammy organ and says 'Beware' in a super spooky voice, a little row of skeletons and a trail of mini spiders up the stairs to our flat - we don't get many trick or treaters living off a main road and being at the top of the block of flats but the girls collar kids from school and pull them up all the steps where a big bowl of jelly frogs and some 'blood' laces. There are some good pumpkin carvings going on. I've nicked this picture (left) of an amazing creation of a friend of a friend on Facebook. How great is that? I love the film Pan's Labyrinth - a perfect Halloween movie, very violent in a couple of places but not too scary for a wus like me. Happy Halloween!

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