Sunday, 16 November 2014

Community show raises the roof

Bebe is part of a gymnastic club for the Kindergarten kiddies and to be honest I nearly dropped it after a few weeks because it takes place between 4.50 and 5.50pm, meaning I'm running around like a headless chicken on Tuesdays, never knowing when to give Bebe her tea. But she LOVES it. I mean really loves it. She asks if she is going every day and despite being shattered after her only full day of the week at Kindergarten she can't wait to go. So we kept it going. And I'm so glad I did.

Because last night I saw the amazing culmination of her few months at this club. It was in a show (!) which brought the entire community (yes, the C-word again) together in performing and being entertained.

The annual show brings together all the clubs in the village, which essentially are the various gymnastics clubs for various age ranges and the multi-sport club which is open to all. And I mean all. The theme of the show 'Die Wette im Olympic' featured the first Greek Olympic Games which was put on for the Greek Gods, so of course bringing in a wealth of dancing and incredible gymnastic performances, including a human pyramid topped (see pic below) by a guy no less than 60 years of age! As I said, the show (and of course the clubs) are open to all. The main story was that of Achilles falling in love with the princess Lotephone which the Gods decide to put a stop to. Despite my very little understanding of the words, it was visually hilarious with incredibly imaginative costumes. I also loved the way the characters ran through the audience and some scenes, which were filmed in the woods around Brütten and on the school playing field, were shown on a screen, adding to the depth of the story.

There was a huge amount of (incredibly fit) young men and women in the 18 to 25 year age range which I imagine is the hardest sector of any community to involve in a thing like this. It was so lovely to see the little ones acting alongside teenagers, alongside pensioners. And it seemed like anyone in the village who wasn't in the show went to see it. The gym hall was packed out with people on both evenings and for the matinee (the only show when those below 16 are allowed - we were informed it was a little more risqué in the evening!)

A friend was telling me that this particular communal organisation is a very special feature of Switzerland. And long may it continue.

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