Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Children's books are the way forward

Each week I arrange to meet my daughters in the village library after school and proceed to work my way through a picture book in my quest to learn German. I must look very odd to the locals sitting in the tots corner with an over-sized book on my knee but the librarians are lovely and have even started getting dual German/English language books in for me!

And - brace yourselves - I've now worked my way up to the more sophisticated picture book which features three of four sentences on each page - wowee (although I still need to refer to my Google Translate app constantly) And as I work my way through each book I make a note of certain words and phrases in my German vocab list on my iPhone, to go over whenever I have a minute.

And it occurred to me on my last visit that this would be a helpful feature for visitors to my blog. So I have now included this in the right hand column, featuring the book in question. Do let me know if you find this helpful or a complete waste of time.

This week featured a lovely little story about a mole who found an icicle which he thought was a magic diamond. His friends put him right but then the final glittery illustration shows he was right after all. Nature really is magical and beautiful!

Happy reading!

Useful words and phrases this week:

Eine dicke Schneedecke - a blanket of snow
Baumstamm - tree trunk
Wie wäre es mit einere Schneeball schlact? - how about a snowball fight?
Schau mal nach oben - look up!
Eiszapfen - icicle
Prachtvoll war das - magnificent!
Zauberhaft - enchanting

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