Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Deutsch Welle - a great way to learn German

I’m in love with Harry on a fantastic new website I’ve found called Deutsch Welle. Well, I’m not in love with the man himself because he is arrogant, bad tempered, rude and ignorant. But he is teaching me German. Well, his story, Gefangen in der Zeit is teaching me German. And all the people he meets as he has a multitude of accidents, gets arrested and ends up in a psychiatric hospital!

This is the second great story I have been following on Deutsch Welle – the first was equally entertaining, called Mission Berlin about an English speaking girl who learns German on her way to save Germany’s history from the Time Terrorists.

As well as all these fab stories you can also follow general big news stories at your German level, with a translation in English and a host of many other resources, all made possible with the support of the European Union. As far as I understand there are also similar websites to teach other languages which I will explore when I have finally mastered German.

Seek out and enjoy!


Learn German with Harry here.


  1. Way to have fun while learning German! Here's something to giggle:

  2. Oh this sounds like a fun thing to check out! A good supplement to my German lessons!

  3. I need to check this out... thanks! I also like the About German weekly emails http://german.about.com/

  4. Yes its very helpful.
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