Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The blessing that is a Joker Tag

A Joker Tag makes wishes come true
I had a dilemma. We had been given free tickets for the Royal Circus in Zurich which just happened to be taking place on my youngest daughter’s 7th birthday week this week. A perfect birthday gift. But to use the tickets we had to go to the evening performance, which begins at 8pm, instead of the very sociable matinee at 3pm but then I had to pay full price tickets – and break the bank for a good seat. And then I realised my eldest daughter’s school Jahresschlussapero (end of school party) was the same night, involving a very special occasion prepared by their teacher for those moving from lower school to middle school. So she really could not miss it.

What to do?

My saviour came in the form of my daughter’s teacher who mentioned that the girls had a Joker Tag (don't you just love the name?) available. Fantastic. This meant we could go to the circus the night before, have a sleep in, my daughter could open her presents at leisure and then we could have a pancake breakfast and a relaxing birthday day out (probably involving pizza and ice cream somewhere) easily arriving back in time for the Jahresschlussapero.

Ah, the delight that is Joker Tag. These joker days are fantastic – they can be taken anytime, with just 24 hours notice. Kindergarten pupils have four and primary school children have two available each year. They provide a way to beat the crowds on the holiday getaway and of course they provide the opportunity to always have your birthday off school. And get this, you can even squeeze two years Joker days together and get an entire extra week off (if moving from Kindie to primary school) Prima!

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