Friday, 1 September 2017

I feel a little political fervour coming on

I cannot ignore the bad way the UK and its politics are in and have felt compelled to use my writing skills to try and work my way through the pain I feel about the people I love and their suffering. There has been a great deal of tragedy taking place in the UK recently, with three terror attacks on Manchester and London, on top of an extreme and uneccessary period of austerity which the Tory government has inflicted on its people for far too long.

There has been a glint of hope in the form of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn which I have been campaigning vigorously for on Twitter. He achieved great things at the last General Election, unfortunately not enough to form a majority government but it feels like change is in the air and he is at the crux of it. Just before the election I wrote a poem and here it is:

Please vote for my future

I'm 10, I'm at school, I'm nobody's fool.
(Or so granny says)
I spend my days learning, my head crammed with stats,
With many a test thrown in (I've done my 7 plus SATs)

I'm not sure what's going on in the world today,
There's a president Trump and our Prime Minister's May.

I don't know about politics but it all seems a mess.
I see a world full of war and oodles of stress,
Treeless forests, our seas full of plastic,
Depression, homelessness, talk full of bombastic.
Traffic spews pollution onto the streets,
The trains are late, the future looks bleak.

Our school dinners are being taken away,
Dad's not got a proper job (or so mum says)
She's off to the food bank tonight, which I find quite perplexing,
I thought banks gave us cash, not a bag with Tex-Mex in.

My brother's got no job, he spends his days lazing around.
He has a first in maths but his £40,000 debt makes him frown.
He's depressed like aunt Lil though she had a job.
Forty years in the police but now she's a snob.

I hear there's a chance that all this could come good.
A man called Jeremy wants to be PM and I think that he should.
Blue is the colour of sadness, gloom, dejection.
Red equals joy, love, smiles and action.
We need change and we need it soon.
Please vote for my future on the 8th June.

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