Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I've joined a choir!

I've somehow allowed myself be talked into joining the local choir. Now, I love singing - especially in the shower and the kitchen - but I'm not sure how this actually translates to singing in public. I am also pretty used to my wonderfully musical husband describing me as tone deaf! Nice, huh?

But I have never agreed with him. And now I have recovered from the shock of suddenly having to sing in tune, with others, and sometimes with an audience :-O I am determined to prove him wrong.

There has been lots written about the benefits of singing in a choir and the BBC's amazing Gareth Malone has made it a pretty funky and very accessible thing in his series of addictive programmes. So I'm smitten. And I hope the reality of it all doesn't disappoint.

Brütten Choir gathers at the village Gemeindesaal each Tuesday evening from 8pm.

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