Wednesday, 21 January 2015

It's a Wonderful World

So I went along to my very first Choir practice last night feeling more than a little nervous. The location was a very cosy community hall opposite (and run by) the village church. I couldn't have been made to feel more welcome. I got introduced to all the other members - there were around 15 but I understand it numbers 20 at full capacity.

The choirmaster was a lovely smiley lady whose first language was neither Swiss, German or English (I just love this zany country) so there was sometimes a little confusion in places but her enthusiasm carried her and us all through!

And what luck - the very first song was a new one for everyone and it just happened to be 'It's a Wonderful World'!! So of course I was in my element (although there was a tiny discussion in the middle as to whether to sing in English or German (imagine!) But thankfully English prevailed. Actually it was glorious hearing the men behind me singing in harmony with rich, deep - and very lovely English sounding - voices. I felt quite nostalgic.

We followed up with 'Wade in the Water' and 'I will Sing with Spirit' - both again in English, fortunately for me, although a little high at times as I scarily found myself in the soprano section.

What a lovely experience it was. The two hours flew by. And my fears of being rejected for being too squeaky or tone deaf were unfounded. I was even invited along to the jolly afterwards at the local pizzeria. It is very nice to feel a part of a larger thing like a choir which really is far more than the sum of its component parts. I feel I am at the beginning of something wonderful.

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