Friday, 6 February 2015

It's carnival time!

There are a few shady looking characters popping up in windows and odd places around Winterthur. And that can only mean one thing - the imminent arrival of Fasnacht.

The Swiss love their traditions and carnivals - and most of all they love dressing up and role playing. And this all comes together no better than at Fasnacht. This officially begins in Winterthur with the Ham feast on Monday but the highlight for us is the large carnival which takes place through the city centre from 2.15pm on Sunday, 22nd February. It is such great fun, the outfits are incredible - and sometimes rather scary. For more information and all other events surrounding Fasnacht in Winterthur, visit the website here.

And then of course if you can brave the crowds there is the mother of all Fasnacht carnivals in Basel, hailed as one of Europe's top 50 local festivals, taking place on the Monday after Ash Wednesday: Baseler Fasnacht.

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