Monday, 8 February 2016

The movies - and a language lesson!

We went to see Peanuts – the Movie at the Arena cinema in Sihlcity yesterday. It was easy to get to from Zurich HB. You just hop onto Tram No.13 heading for Albisgütli at Bahnhofquai or in Bahnhoftstrasse and it's about the 7th stop (10 mins)

It was our first trip to this cinema and I was very impressed, despite the huge cost of 42sfr for myself and my two daughters. It is very large but done out well. There are automatic ticket buying facilities but you can go to the well manned desk to get your tickets too. The member of staff who greeted us was smiley, spoke great English and was very helpful, even suggesting the best seats available. Popcorn is not too over priced and there are even - get this - screens on the floor of each toilet cubicle (see pic below)

There are plenty of movies screened in English here, usually with subtitles in German and French running along the bottom. So not only could I enjoy the movie but I could keep up with my language learning at the same time! There is an interval in the middle of the film, which is lovely, and the particular salon we were in was very small and cosy – I'm not sure if that's a feature of all the screens – I imagine those showing films in German are much larger.

And the film? We enjoyed it pretty much, it's been really well done. But it's quite low key and not much happens, as I guess you would expect for a Charlie Brown film. The plotline is Charlie Brown falling in love with a new girl at school and trying, unsuccessfully for much of the film, to get her attention favourably. The sub plot is super cool Snoopy writing his own love story which gets its cues from his owners exploits. There is a lovely message delivered at the end and it leaves you with a nice warm feeling. However, I felt a little bored at times, there just wasn't enough to keep my attention – and I was a huge Peanuts fan growing up. Maybe it should have stayed as a comic.

But I can't wait to go to the cinema again - a fab, if expensive, experience.

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