Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How I got my daughter to eat beetroot

I love beetroot. I especially love eating it pretty nude apart from a smidgen of feta cheese crumbled over the top (left)

Unfortunately my children don’t like beetroot. They used to. They used to gobble it down just like they used to gobble everything else from between their beautifully pudgy little fingers when they started eating. But between then and now they’ve got a whole lot fussier about what they eat (she says through gritted teeth)

So I’m reduced to using various strategies to get them to eat things like beetroot. My first strategy, recommended by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to tell them it makes their wee pink, failed miserably. All my eldest daughter said was ‘Eeeew’ (although I’m with Hugh here – how cool is that?!)

But thankfully Hugh (I'm just a big fan, don't worry, there are no affiliated links here) has come up with the goods in his latest ‘Love Your Leftovers’ book (a surprise Christmas present) with his vegetable peel crisps. As I was cooking some spicy potato chips for the girls last night, I threw in a handful of beetroot, carrot and potato peelings (beetroot always seems to come with its skin on here in Switzerland) mixed in with a slug of olive oil and a good grinding of salt and pepper. And 15 minutes later my eldest daughter was eating beetroot skin crisps (despite the potential for pink wee) Big result for mummy day J

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