Thursday, 6 October 2016

Don't forget to Check 'Em!

Mary Berrys by Chris O'Hara
I think that by a certain age most of us have been horribly touched by the monster that is breast cancer, whether it has affected us, our family or friends.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and once again Breast Cancer Care is promoting the importance of checking your breasts regularly - as the sooner breast cancer is discovered, the better the chances of a complete recovery. This month the charity has come up with a fantastic idea for putting this important message across with the aid of London’s Seed Animation Studio.

A new sassy thirty second animated film has employed the talents of 26 international artists. Entitled Check ‘em, each animation director was given the brief to create a film that visualised a cheeky euphemism for breasts and lasting no more than one second. From ‘Brad Pitts’ to ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘bazookas’ the film asks for people to check their breasts, 'no matter what they call them.'

“The end result is a playful and diverse collaboration that promotes the importance of checking for breast cancer,” says Morgan Powell, creative director at Seed Animation studio. “I was bowled over by the response from the directors who were really supportive of the cause and donated their time to spread an important message.”

Enjoy the film here.

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  1. Always a great reminder!

    And I like the film a lot more than seeing pink everywhere.