Wednesday, 9 November 2016

My painting has become a promotional campaign

A painting that I made of Brutten Church has appeared all around the village and surrounding villages (including on street side posters!) as part of a promotional campaign for Dubendorf Gospel Choir which is holding a concert in the church on Sunday (20th)

It got me thinking that I can create art that people want. An opportunity I should be able to use to start a little art business. Although Gray is very well paid, with the high cost of living here we are constantly a little worried we haven't got a financial 'buffer' for when those unexpected big bills come along (and a few are looming right now as Gray's back problem has resurfaced)

The choir has suggested that I bring my painting along on the night of the event so they can tell everyone a little about the artist (me!) behind the picture they fell in love with. I'm also hoping to get a bunch of business cards printed this week (I would have got them done yesterday but the printers in Winterthur are closed on Saturdays!) and perhaps a few high quality prints of the picture printed out for people to buy at the concert. I need to update one of my other blogs just to feature my artwork so I can add this to my business cards. Phew!

But for the first time I'm feeling hopeful I can do something creative which will actually earn me a little money too :) I'll keep you updated with my progress (or not!)

Here is the flyer featuring my picture which went to hundreds of homes:

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