Thursday, 24 November 2016


Well, my efforts yesterday paid off. Poppy wrote me a lovely note back in our Just Between Us book explaining that she likes Raphael for many reasons, which includes the fact that he is funny, for instance when the teacher asked the class if they have any more questions he quipped: ‘Can we get started now?’ and the fact that he is a middle child just like her, with a younger and an older brother.

This really surprised me as she has never mentioned this fact, although I once spoke to my brother-in-law about it when he first mentioned the middle child thing because he is a middle child himself. It seems middle children really identify with other middle children J And yes, I guess it is a big issue which is quite frustrating for them at times, with the older sibling allowed so much more freedom and the younger sibling let off so much more over things middle children aren’t. I guess middle children really do get an unfair deal some of the time.

And there you have a great example of how well our secret journal writing pays off. This is a detail that would never have come out in a regular conversation but is obviously an issue which my middle daughter cares very strongly about.

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