Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Celebrating Art on International Women's Day

The art galleries of Winterthur are celebrating Women's Day by offering free admission to women for the day. Am Römerholz, on the edge of the city, is an incredibly stunning art collection of Oskar Reinhart who left behind around 600 works of art when he died in 1965. The works are housed within a glorious estate, the former home and gardens of Reinhart. At present there is a wonderful exhibition about the Hidden Treasures of the collection, featuring works by greats such as Gustave Courbet. What a joy to see these beauties. The exhibition continues util 23rd April.

I also love Winterthur Kunsthaus which houses a host of cracking masterpieces by the likes of Picasso, Braque, Pissarro, Sisley and Monet, as well as the monumental Rodin sculpture, Pierre de Wissant.

International Womens Day:

Am Römerholz:

Winterthur Kunsthaus:

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