Monday, 7 July 2014

Children's art workshops at Winterthur Kunstmuseum

The girls went to their first art workshop (Kunstspaziergang) at Kunstmuseum Winterthur on Sunday. It was brilliant. You drop them off at 10am with the lovely Annika De Tomasi and return for them at 11.30am. I think the idea is that you can browse around the gallery artworks while your children are in the workshop (admission is 15CHF and there is a huge selection of amazing masterpieces)  but it was such a gorgeous sunny day Gourmet Gray and I went for a coffee and enjoyed the sun in the nearby park.

Each workshop, which I think take place roughly once a month in term time, focuses on one painting in the gallery. The girls were given beautiful name labels featuring Van Gogh's Sunflowers and then taken to look at Van Gogh's Summer Evening near Arles (pictured below) They enjoyed an interactive talk about it for a while before heading for the workshop and recreating the masterpiece in paints. Their beautiful art work was still wet when we turned up so Annika has promised to send them to us in the post!

They had a great time and at the end were given an envelope informing the parents about the painting they have studied and a postcard of the painting. The cost is 5CHF each. We will definitely be returning.

I can't find any details of this on the website (I found out about it from a postcard I picked up during a visit) But I imagine Annika wouldn't mind people dropping her an email for further details of future workshops:

Kunstmuseum Winterthur

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