Sunday, 20 July 2014

Our feathered friend at Pfäffikon

I am aware that my blog has become very swimming orientated as my enthusiasm for the Swiss pools and open water facilities has been unleashed but this will be the last one for a while, I promise. Yesterday was the last super sunny day of the latest heatwave so we felt we had no choice but to head for Pfäffikon in the morning. Pfäffikon is, amazingly, included on the Winterthur Sportpass by some special agreement but is a ten mile drive away, unlike the other pools which are mainly in town.

But it is well worth the treck - Pfaffikon Badi is brilliant, with lots of pools, a giant water slide (but small enough for my 5-year-old to go on by herself) an incredible Pizzeria and a mini beach and large jetty leading straight into the lake, with diving boards and floating sun loungers.

Yesterday we spent most of the time in the lake, which had these wonderful ice cold spots which you swim into from time to time. And we made a friend - a Great Crested Grebe which kept ducking under the water a little way off and then bobbing up right beside us, a game he seemed to be consciously enjoying! I made a little sketch (see below) when we got back and like how I seem to have caught a mischievious little grin on his face as he played his game with the humans.

Great place, including the feathered friends - but get there early on a sunny day - this place becomes rather packed as the day matures!

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