Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Swiss love of bikinis

The bikini is king in Switzerland. And I can see why. The Swiss, give or take a few fatties, are fit. So they have bodies which they naturally want to show off. In a way, a bikini nation (and you really feel out of place in a swimsuit in Summer) is a great incentive to stay fit throughout the year.

I mean, if you are overweight come July you have two options - battle the bulge into a swimsuit and sit in the shadow of an umbrella envying all those lean figures cavorting around the poolside with beautiful sun-kissed bodies or let it all spill out over a two-piece and sit in the shadow of an umbrella envying all those fantastic looking mums who can rock the tiniest of bikinis.

Some may say there is a third option - stay away from the pool/lakes altogether. But when those temperatures soar there is nowhere else you want to be. And with kids, let's face it, it's the easiest (and cheapest once you have a Winterthur Sportpass) way to spend those endless summer days.

I'm not rocking the bikini look just yet - I still have the muffin tops - but I'm one and a half stone lighter since this time last year and feel that string bikini may one day soon be within my grasp.

Happy summer days!

Soaking up the rays at Pfäffikon Badi

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