Friday, 26 June 2015

The Albani Festival has touched down!

I love the Swiss. I especially love how much they love a good party or festival. And what great hosts they make. So we always get very excited about the Albani Festival, not least because it is right on our doorstep.

St. Alban, chosen as the patron saint of the city of Winterthur and dedicated to the city's church, was executed in 286 during the persecution of Christians. On the Memorial Day of Albanus on 22nd June, 1264, Rudolf von Habsburg granted the town a charter of freedom and from then on, this event was celebrated on each Albanustag. The Albanifest as we know it today was established in 1971 and is considered Europe's largest, annually recurring city festival.

The main focus of the festival is eating, drinking and an amazing funfair which weaves its way through the old town and into the city park. There are also plenty of gigs to enjoy, throughout the day and night over the weekend, and the atmosphere is buzzing.

The weekend event kicks off today at 6pm with live music continuing until 2am!

In addition, there is a set price for all fast food and beverages – see below for an edited list of the most popular of festive fayre:
  • Halfe litre of wine 16 chf
  • Beer – 3dl - 4chf
  • Beer – 4dl - 5chf
  • Beer - 5 dl - 6chf
  • Beer - 1 litre – 12 chf
  • PET mineral, soft drinks 5dl – 5 chf
  • Coffee, tea – 3.50 chf
  • Wintiwurst – 6 chf
  • Cervelat grilled bread - 5 chf

Happy Albani Fest weekend!

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