Monday, 1 June 2015

Sunday afternoon swimming in the Bodensee

The swimming facilities are amazing in Switzerland and we can be found in either a pool or a lake most weekends when it's sunny (and some evenings too!)

However, yesterday we thought we would take a drive out to Bodensee Therme in Konstanz on the German border (only 45mins or so by car)

This place has a real wow factor – the venue is huge, with a 50m swimming pool, a separate large non-swimmer pool with slides, a thermal pool, hot jacuzzis and – best of all - access to the Bodensee for a swim. And the sun came out too!

We had a great time, mainly alternating between the slides, the lake and the thermal pool - with very fast rapids which the girls loved. Graham and I took it in turns to have a very icy cold dip in the lake – it was 18 degrees (access is closed if it dips below 16 degrees) There is a pontoon to swim to but I was just happy to swim around the deck, tingling madly from the cold water. The deck links to the venue with a beautiful wooden bridge which spans a public promenade so you can people watch while you float. And then of course you can jump into the thermal pool to warm up!

The price is very reasonable – a family pass, (2adults and 2 children) is €24 for up to 3 hours or €30 for the entire day (open until 11pm!)

The restaurant was reasonable - we had two beers, two Oranginas, a mozarella and tomato sandwich, a huge bowl of chips (€3.50) spaghetti bolognaise and a huge hunk of meat with pepper sauce for just €34. And parking was just €3.50 euros for nearly five hours.

A lovely day out.

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