Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Book of the Week - Wo ist mein hut?

It's funny how different book titles can be when translated into German, for instance Jon Klassen's book 'I want my hat back' has become Where is my hat? (Wo ist mein hut?) But I actually think this is a better title in this case. Because the bear travels through the book not knowing where his hat is. It's got a great little twist in the end and has a couple of animals throwing a wobbler for no reason, much as a toddler does, of course (although to them of course, there is always a reason) Perfect for an adult learning German like me and the simple illustrations are refreshingly understated, enhancing the comedy in this book. Both of my girls, aged 6 and 9 loved it.


Mein hut ist weg – My hat has gone
ich will ihn züruck – I want it back
Schon gut – alright
Trotzdem vielen Dank – Thanks anyway
klettern – to climb
spitz – pointed
über alles – more than anything

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