Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Children's Book of the Week

How great is the snow? How great it is to sledge down a giant hill, with the thrill of feeling out of control and alive?

This is what Die Schlittenfahrt is all about (is it just me that has a little guffaw everytime I see the word fahrt? That's a yes then...) And it is all in rhyme so contains a lovely rhythm to this snowy tale. But there is a reluctant father in this case – until he himself remembers how much fun it is in the snow – and then takes over. Suddenly the parents are having the good time, leaving their kids behind! Just a little reminder that playing with children can always be great fun for parents too once they throw their hearts into it J

Words and phrases from Die Schlittenfahrt:

Schlittenfahrt – sleigh ride
Was ist denn los – what’s going on?
bloßen Füben – bare feet
Allmählich – gradually
Spaß – fun
Pardauz – whoops!
Drücken – to press
die Daumen drücken – fingers crossed

Words and phrases from last week:

Klasse! - cool!
Aber..da is ja gar nichts drin - but there is nothing inside
Total nützlich - totally useful
Je nachdem - it depends
Dinge - things/stuff
Du kannst fahren - you can travel
Die Sonne scheint - the sun is shining
Abspringen - to jump
Das Flugzeug - the aeroplane
Wahnsinn! - Amazing!

Geburtstagsgeschenk - birthday present

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