Monday, 7 March 2016

Swimming in the snow!

Dietlikon Dampfbad
We went to the ‘Bubble pool’ at Dietlikon at the weekend. The ‘bubble’ pool is an outdoor ‘Dampfbad’ - Jacuzzi style steam pool at a temperature of between 40 and 45 degrees – but the jets appear at different places around the pool, thus adding to the excitement for the girls – swimming madly from one spot to another, giggling wildly. In addition, it snowed! 

So there we were, feeling lovely and warm from the neck downwards, with chilly noses and snowflakes in our hair! What a great experience for a Sunday. I love swimming outdoors. Since moving to Switzerland with its gorgeously clean lakes and rivers and beautiful facilities I have become a bit of an open water fanatic. You can read my post all about this here. Throughout winter I have been dreaming about swimming in the lakes and rivers again come May…but for now I can happily make do with the ‘wellness spa’ at Dietlikon (which does, in fact make you feel very well indeed) and snowflakes in my hair while swimming ;)

Aqua-Life Dietlikon

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