Sunday, 21 September 2014

And breathe...

So it all went well for Gourmet Gray at the Greifenseelauf yesterday and he finished unscathed with a great time of 2hr 6mins, despite it being nearly 25c. But a lot of people suffered - people were keeling over all over the place and pretty much every medical tent had at least one person inside - the medics were literally rushed off the feet.

But once again, it was super well organised. Because of the heat there were lots and lots of water stations, shower spots, people with buckets and sponges and local farmers had even put sprinklers along the side of the race. Bands, situated every 4km or so, were playing wonderfully upbeat tunes to keep everyone going.

All the finishers received a whiskey glass (!) and a gorgeous blue t-shirt proclaiming 35 years of Greifenseelauf success - and long may it continue.

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