Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Swiss Samaritans

I see there's a Samaritan 'exercise' taking place in my local village at the Schulhaus between 8pm and 10pm. Now I first thought this might be a little confidential session for people who are feeling low. But I've discovered the Samaritan organisation here has a much wider remit.

The Swiss Samaritan Federation is the umbrella organization of over 1000 local Samaritan associations and their cantonal associations. Within the Samaritan organization, the tasks are divided as follows:

The Samaritan Teams
  • organize public courses
  • care of the medical service at events
  • volunteers to provide care and welfare facilities
  • cooperate with emergency services
  • work with local authorities
  • organize local blood drives
  • provide health care equipment
  • involved in the youth work
Cantonal associations

The 24 cantonal associations support the work of teams by providing advice, training, communication, coordination and consultation with cantonal authorities.

The central organization
  • develops the basics the Samaritans work
  • develops training programs
  • organizes courses (training of trainers and training)
  • promotes the cantonal associations
  • provides services for clubs and parties
  • public relations
  • working with federal agencies and national organizations
  • interacts with the Swiss Red Cross
So, Im still a little clueless as to what is taking place here on 11th Sep. My Google translate reveals 'Nursing, pocket control...'

For those who are feeling depressed and need someone to talk to you can phone 143. The website is here.

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