Friday, 19 September 2014

Everything crossed for the Greifenseelauf

It's Greifenseelauf weekend. So I've just been 'admiring' Gourmet Gray's makeshift nipple guards (cut out of a regular plaster) in preparation for his half marathon run at the Greifenseelauf tomorrow. Yes, the things us running widows have to go through.

I will spend a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon as 1pm arrives with my fingers crossed, praying he takes it easy and doesn't pull/twist anything and basically makes it through in one piece. Not that Gourmet Gray isn't fit. He is. But I feel there is always a danger when you hit a certain age (ie over 40) that your body does not respond well to endurance events of any kind. Of course he would say that's codswallop, as every other 'serious' runner will probably assure me. And I know it's the running that keeps him happy - and he needs an event on the horizon to keep it going.

Although I don't yet need an 'event' to motivate me, I do love running. For me, it's one of those rare things that you can do from your doorstep, for free and just half an hour of exercise can keep those endorphins bouncing around in your system for the entire day.

And I think at some point I will be seduced into an 'event' in Switzerland because they make it so easy and organise them so well. The public transport there is great and paid for, the facilities are top notch and there is often even a pint of beer (ok, usually alcohol free, but very nice beer even so) at the end of it. Even the kiddies are involved with their own races. What's not to love?

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