Thursday, 18 September 2014

Invite for a night in a barn

My daughters have got great imagination right now. My five-year-old picked up a stone the other morning with the words 'Look mummy, a ghost stone.' And she was right!

And Switzerland looks set to evolve those super little minds even further - Bee has been invited by her Kindergarten teacher to sleep in a barn with her classmates overnight and we are invited to breakfast the next morning! I love Switzerland.

It just so happens to be my birthday that morning too. So I plan to take my weekend breakfast specialities - Nutella twizzlers. The recipe is very simple - buy a ready pack of puff pastry (the circular one) lie it out flat on the worktop, smear it generously with Nutella and cut it as you would a pizza into neat little triangles. Roll them up, from the outside to the middle and oven bake for 10 minutes (hot oven) En guete!

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