Friday, 12 September 2014

Autumn is here (a little too soon)

I love how close up and personal the seasons are here. It's not just the rural area we live in nowadays, where the ebb and flow of our journey through the year is visually depicted by the work of local farmers but the people embrace it too.

Winterthur's amazing market on a Tuesday and Friday morning has suddenly gone from the hot reds and yellows of strawberries and sunflowers to the more muted oranges, greens and browns of a mass of autumnal produce, in particular pumpkins, which are suddenly everywhere. A huge variety of pumpkins too! The girls really enjoyed spotting the more alien looking species on the market this morning (it was a school inset day)

And as the weather has turned to the particularly cool temperatures, people have donned their boots, woolly cardigans and scarves and taking to the outdoor cafes wrapping their blankets around their knees and supping hot chocolate. I am expecting the heisse Marone (hot chestnut) stalls to appear very soon.

I'll be sad to leave the outdoor swimming behind though. Most pools close this Sunday.

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