Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Cross the Bratwurst with the Brot at your peril

I love those little quirky things which are deeply rooted in each nation's traditions and culture - for me, the best in Switzerland so far is the one with governs that most popular of fast food snacks - the Bratwurst and the Brot. And never the twain shall meet.

They wrap their sausage up in a napkin in one hand and hold their giant sausage in the other (ooh missus!) and alternate a bite from each - the sausage must first be dipped religiously in ketchup and/or mustard before being chomped. Never, ever, does the sausage meet the bread. If, god forbid, you see someone putting the sausage inside the bread you can safely presume they are German or hailing from some other similarly weird foreign place.

I was thinking of this first thing this morning as I explored a series of paintings that I am planning to create of that most fabulous of female iconic sculptures in Konstanz - Imperia. And quickly doodled the two together. I think it might sell...


  1. In Italy this is completely inconceivable. We make only hot dogs or panini. The first time I came to Switzerland I couldn't believe it, and I still can't. Every time I buy a bratwurst I open the bread with my Swiss knife and stuff it. Under the scrutiny of the seller who looks at me like: " What the hell is she doing?" ....but I nonchalantly look at him/her like I don't care. Because I don't.

    1. Yes, in the UK too. It's nice to rebel in such simple ways though isn't it :D