Thursday, 21 August 2014

Head to Winterthur for Musikfestwochen

If you haven't yet been, I highly recommend visiting Winterthur during the last few days of it's Musikfest. The bands are accomplished, the atmosphere is buzzing and it really is a great free day out - or an hour or two if that's all you can spare. It is also a fantastic event for families - children are encouraged to come along - and earplugs are even provided! (But perhaps bring your own incase they run out on the day) We caught Matteo Caprioli on Sunday and they were good. They like to take traditional folk songs and give them a reggae spin. So many people were singing along. It was fab music to dance too, I couldn't keep still (despite my 5-year-old sitting on my feet)

The acoustics are superb, it is very well organised and put together and it is lovely to see such different people chilling out together - punks next to toddlers, hippies rubbing shoulders with grannies, etc No one even minds if a parent hoists their child onto his or her shoulders - everyone just shuffles around to adjust their view!

And you can have a few beers and easily walk to Hauptbahnhof to catch a bus or train home - I love how packed the bus to ours was on a Sunday afternoon - see pic left.

We're planning to leave the kids behind tomorrow night and go and see Airbourne, a rockier band but this is a proper gig, also featuring Triggerfinger and The Family Rain, and costs 62CHF each. Now where did I put my leathers...

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