Thursday, 28 August 2014

Let's talk rubbish

I don't resent paying for the amount of rubbish I throw away each week - I think it's a great idea and certainly makes you think twice about what you can recycle. We fill between one and two 60 Litre bags each week and this size binbag demands two Abfellmarken. You can buy Abfellmarken in a strip of ten from Volg for 18chf. So this makes it 3.60chf for a standard bag of rubbish (you can of course also dump a 30 litre bag which would only cost 1.80chf)

So we probably spend around 7.20chf per week dumping our rubbish (although we could probably reduce that to no more than 3.60chf with a bit more effort) It sounds expensive but when you think about where it goes - ie to a landfill site where it will stew, producing poisonous gases for goodness knows how many years, then I think it's a pretty fair price to pay. People in the UK would do well to be forced to think about this by being charged for their rubbish. I used to have a neighbour in Cheshire who filled a black bin and had to take a further black bin's rubbish to the tip each week!

And of course by paying for their unrecycle-able rubbish people become more aware of what they buy, or don't buy, in the first place. 

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