Monday, 25 August 2014

Hip Hop time at Winterthur Musikfest

We enjoyed the atmosphere outside the back of Manor on Saturday, mingling with the cool and trendy Wintie-types (and trying not to look too over-the-hill and out of place) It was a lovely mellow crowd, chilling out, drinking beer and enjoying a spliff or three, judging from the rather strong aroma of cannabis all around.

It was all in aid of a hip hop style event so we sat with growing excitement not knowing what to expect. However, I felt that on appearing, the group of performers were a bit of an anti-climax as the five (or was it six) of them proceeded to shout out their lyrics in the same endless fashion through far too many samey-sounding tracks. The girls enjoyed a bop though. I don't think it was a generation age thing. I've been to several hip hop type events which I've enjoyed - my favourite being Hip Hop poetry and I regularly enjoy a hip hop battle on U-Tube. I would have thought Winterthur would have a large pool of clever hip hop artists to wow the crowd with.

But although I was disappointed with the act I felt, once again, that the organisation, the diversity of events, the accessibility (most events free) and the incredible buzz of Winterthur Musikfestwochen has been an absolute joy to behold.

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