Thursday, 7 August 2014

It was all going so well - and then disaster struck

"How to claw disaster from the jaws of victory," grumbled Gourmet Gray as we watched the 768 airport bus sail off into the night with Bebe's bag still on it.

It was almost 11pm on Friday night and we'd just returned from the UK, jumping on the bus for just one stop to disembark at Balsberg where we'd parked the car. We were all in very high spirits as it was the first time mummy and her girls had been away by ourselves, had gone splendidly and now we were seeing daddy for the first time in a week. Until the bus disappeared with our bag.

The bag in question was a Barbarpapa bag which Bebe had bought with her birthday money the week before. And in it was Eggy, a baby dinosaur in a pod which Bebe had got at Conny-land for her birthday, a Nintendo console and games. So this was a pretty special bag to my 5-year-old.

In amongst the distress and tears, Gourmet Gray and I heatedly discussed finding the bus and following it or waiting for the bus to return to the airport. Neither of which stood much chance of success as we had no idea of the bus route to Oerlikon and it was late and for all we knew may be the final bus of the night.

So we headed home under a despondent cloud.

However, there was a chink of light, this being Switzerland, and there was a good chance that it would be handed into the lost property office, which unfortunately wouldn't open until Monday.

So we spent a slightly tense weekend. But come Monday morning, there was Bebe walking out of the Lost Property office in Wallisellen wearing her Barbarpapa bag (with all its contents intact) and the biggest smile.

You have gotta love the Swiss.

Home again safe and sound

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