Monday, 18 August 2014

Schulanfang brings mixed feelings

I was in a bit of a tizz last night trying desperately to get organised for the kiddie's first day back to school today. Although there is no school uniform here there is still rather a lot to remember. The checklist included sun hat, gym kit, art shirt, snack, slippers, toothbrush with cap, name labels on clothes (not yet done) and school info paperwork (not yet done) Bee had to illustrate her name for her chair at Kindergarten and Pop had to include something from the holidays to talk about - she took her Lego panda but there was a last minute panic this morning when she couldn't find his stick of bamboo.

And despite my panic I still managed to forget to set the alarm clock! However I needn't have worried, my body-clock was primed and I awoke at 6.40am (the girls need to be out of bed at 7am for a 8.10am start) And we made it to school in one piece and, amazingly, on time without too much chaos.

It was lovely to see parents on the school run for a change, taking up the First Day schoolers who were each presented with a sunflower. The bigger kids then formed an archway corridor with their arms for the newbies to walk through to their class which I thought a lovely tradition.

And walking home this morning I saw an amazing thing - a big yellow poster up in the village reminding drivers to look out for schoolchildren and encouraging 'Patience' and 'Tolerance' (see below)

I have mixed feelings about my children returning to school - we have had such fun over the holidays (despite the rain) and I had a pang of sadness and loss walking up with them this morning. But it has also been pretty hectic, as holidays always are with kids as you try to cram in plenty of activity to keep them amused. And I'm now looking forward to a little bit of 'me' time as I pick up my running and writing again. However, a nervous morning follows as I wait for my children to return, hopefully with a smile.

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