Friday, 22 August 2014

Zurich's Tigger is no more

We were all pretty gutted (especially my 15-year-old) to see that the griffiti in central Zurich featuring Tigger had been removed. I know the Swiss authorities take a very dim view of graffiti and have made a big effort to provide graffiti style artwork in train stations to appeal to youths but graffiti seems to be especially rife here - I guess it's the only way for youngsters to rebel because as soon as they hit 16 they can drink, smoke, ride a motorbike (up to 50cc) etc.

And a lot of the time graffiti does look messy and fairly ugly. But the graffiti I have seen in the city of Zurich is often petite and quite arty. And why oh why was Tigger taken away? We always visited him whenever in town. The kiddies adored him.

Oh well, I guess we can't bend the rules. And that's why Switzerland is such a pleasant place to live. Instead I will immortalise the wonderful Tigger on my blog :)


  1. I noticed they remove graffiti only in the center of Zurich. In many districts and villages (dorf) they are pretty "safe". It is a pity anyway for "Tigger": it was so cute!

    1. It's a shame they're not a little more selective about which graffiti they do or don't remove rather than the location :(

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